Growing up,
Material things were always in short supply,
We didn’t have everything we might have wanted,
But we always had each other.

Mother’s hut was always smoking,
The belly of her big black generous pot,
Was always willing to alleviate our hunger,
And to quench our constant thirst.

Father was always on his toes,
Conjuring between the farm and critters,
To keep the family nourished and prosperous,
Warm evenings would meet him under the pine trees,
Listening to his pocket radio his cup filled with homemade beer.

My elegant sisters,
Sprouting like wildflowers,
Were the centre of fascination,
Lads often idling around the fence,
While my big brothers would endlessly roar,
Terrifying them that they would bolt for their lives.

There were no phones,
To light up our world with disaster,
Neither was electricity to hunt the night.

Grandmother always had juicy stories,
Most nights would find us flocked in her tiny hit,
From where her lips would ooze of tales of time,
Tales of the hare and the hyena were in endless supply,
And we were perpetually ready to consume while dying in laughter.

Dad’s old dress shirt was a saviour,
Mama’s hands would wark magic them,
Dressing the whole family with a special love.

Family is where life begins,
Memories never grow old,
And love never fades.

Written with love💖
Prince Diaries



Love is a universal migraine,
It can be an ailment to your heart,
Or the sweetest fruit to your soul.

From my short leased stay on earth,
I’ve had moments and altercations with love,
Winning and losing in equal measure.

Love knows no age,
Toddlers and the aged alike,
Both waddle in these boulevards,
Some with smiles, while others with tears.

Evidently, love can’t be deciphered in words,
It can be a calm storm roaming in your chest,
Or a charring flame scorching your insides,
It could be the serene silence,
That washes over when you have the other.

Love isn’t having butterflies all the time,
I think love is a comfortable feeling,
That makes one’s heart perch,
When feelings collide.

Prince Diaries



As you set your feet to waddle onto today, speak to the inner you with strength, confidence and tenderness.

Wheel back into your earthly jaunt that has been anything but easy and look at how strong and courageous you’ve been in facing and overcoming that which you knew not you could at the time.

You are a valiant combatant in these lanes dear African child, accept you for you and your mistakes then permit yourself to learn while growing from them. Let this day be the day that you accept that to be vulnerable is the greatest act of bravery.

Ratify that to be maimed and smashed is to love without fear of what will befall and later become of you because you gave it your all. Acknowledge that fear is only human and you’re a masterpiece of God’s creation who fears but permits not fear to define them.

As this day finally fades, invite yourself out to celebrate your achievements regardless of how insignificant they might seem to others. Understand that neglecting yourself is vicious even to your soul and take care of yourself for you. Remember not to forget to immerse yourself in your love, devotion care and attention for you deserve it all.

Prince Diaries



Jump into a new day with hope rolled up your sleeves because it’s another opportunity to rewrite your story the way you want to.

The previous day might have shaken the very foundation of your beliefs and values that you even question everything that once laid a solid foundation of your principles.

At times we all have that one day that you can’t speak about without tears in your eyes. That one day where sadness clouds your emotions, that one day where you are paralysed by fear and the uncertainty that the future holds. We all have that day!

Be kind enough to yourself, love yourself unconditionally and believe in the beauty of your dreams even when nobody else does, always pray, and above all be yourself.

Prince Diaries



To those of us with heavy hearts,
As our Dad’s found rest in heaven,
Away from our puffy eyes and hands,
But never far from hearts and minds.

It has been brutal without you,
I am certain if it were up to you,
You would walk down the stairs to us,
Back to where you belong with your loved ones.

Today, I smile with tears,
A smile for you and me,
And tears for the years,
That loneliness has stood by,
In your place.

You might have lost the fight,
But your legacy and spirit lives on,
Happy Father’s Day in heaven

Prince Diaries



All the great dads out there,
We applaud you today, not just today,
May your toiling hands till not a stone,
That your family go hard and dry.

May your struggles eternally yield,
For you are heroes in mortal form,
The mute architects of great lineages,
Whose love is never uttered, rather exhibited.

Thank you for always being there,
Even when the world was on your plate,
And things were awry, you never gave up.

Happy Father’s Day.
To all the great Dads
To mothers who became Dads,
And to siblings who stepped up,
To fill a shoe they never bought.
Thank you for being there.

Written with love ❤️
Prince Diaries



Recount your childhood pursuits,
Those dreams that kept you awake,
With deliberation of how anything is likely.

Recall those long nights you lay awake,
For you couldn’t wait for the sun to wake up,
Just so you could run to school to be a doctor,

Growth overtook us fast,
Speeding with some of our dreams,
Forsaking us with others we knew not,
That we are coerced to take up in arms.

Remember those childhood dreams,
Then with the same zeal and zest,
For a better tomorrow, we seek,
Keep soaring, keep the faith.
It will all work out someday.

Prince Diaries



Dear youthful kings and spirited queens, love yourself a little extra today. Express to yourself all that love that is welled up in your chest that you keep giving to all those that sometimes see not your worth.

Young Kings and queens, don’t be so hard on yourself. Be proud of yourself today and celebrate your wins even when they seem scattered.

If you are feeling like giving up dear kings and queens, take a breath and remember why you began in the first place. Remember all those who look up to you and the life you promised yourself then keep pressing. Never forget that you are amazing and things will work out for the better eventually and you will be glad that you didn’t give up.

Dear kings, feed your mind with loving and positive thoughts and affirm that you deserve only the best because you truly do. You are truly the best.

Prince Diaries



My heart swats crimson with misery,
My jaws tongue the velvet of stillness,
My eyes squirt storms of perpetual distress,
A cycle of never-ending despair.

My hands are iced with turmoil,
Life’s viciousness nipped me back,
Tossing me into a den of screams,
With my staggered feet careen in my blood.

The loss of tenderness bolted me in.
Doomed to fate with my rekt heart on my hands.
Profusely percolating with littered pieces,
While my maker is lost in passion with another.

Prince Diaries



Our lips poured stories,
In a way that hissed like vows,
Words that neither afforded to infer,
That would recede with the dawn of another sky.

Our pact was a mixture,
Sadly that never melded,
Yet our fatal immature thinking,
Made us surmise that we were covalent,
A match made by the maker Himself.

Our stories were delightfully wielded,
That they even made fairytales of them,
Yet we weren’t as strong to withstand the storm,
That shook the very foundation of our converted affection.

Nights inferred so much,
Only but for one, never for a duo,
The bed was a canvass for our tales,
For the lover in me sadly it was a mattress for you.

Into the oblivion you fly,
While I’m patched on tales,
With hopes that it meant the world,
The very way it was the universe for me.

Prince Diaries